Electric scooter share offers convenient, spontaneous, short-distance transportation for commuting, meetings, errands, and fun.

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Simply download an app to locate and rent a scooter. You’ll be charged an unlocking fee and then by the minute.

Scooters are useful and very popular but must be used properly. No riding on sidewalks or parking in the pedestrian right-of-way. Be considerate of people on foot or using mobility devices.

The City of Minneapolis has licensed Lyft, Lime, Veo, Bird, and Spin as electric scooter providers for the 2022 season.

Regulations in Minneapolis require that scooters must be locked to a public bike rack, on-street corral, or municipal signpost (except bus stop and stop signs) when parked and not in use. Lime, Lyft, Veo, Bird, and Spin scooters are outfitted with cable locks.

Move Minneapolis telework guide

Guide front coverCheck out  The Move Minneapolis Guide to Remote Work, your handbook to all things telework. We believe remote work will fundamentally and sustainably reshape how people work, get around, use office space, and develop communities.

Nice Ride for All – Affordability Program

Nice Ride offers affordable, accessible, and fun transportation options for everyone, regardless of income. Nice Ride for All is an equity program for those who qualify for certain state and federal assistance programs to sign up for a fraction of the cost. The program provides an affordable and healthy transportation option for commuting to work or riding with your kids in the park.

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Move Minneapolis is a leader in sustainable commuting. We help downtown Minneapolis employers maximize success and employee satisfaction while reducing drive-alone commutes. We guide building owners and managers in implementing world-class commuter amenities. And we advocate for commuters and residents who wish to live their green values every day.

Please join us in moving Minnesota in a new direction, one commuter at a time.

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