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Commute Ambassador

Commute Ambassadors are people who work Downtown and are passionate about sustainable commuting. The Commute Ambassador program provides a space to connect with other likeminded individuals and share ideas, tips, tricks, resources, and encouragement.

As part of the program, Commute Ambassadors work on Mini Projects that, with the support of Move Minneapolis, aim to increase sustainable transportation use at their downtown workplaces, shift workplace culture, and build community amongst peers and leaders.

For more information on the Commute Ambassador program, contact Catherine Windyk: [email protected]

Current Commute Ambassadors

Name: Marc Berg

Employer & Title: J Selmer Law, P.A.; Attorney

Commute Ambassador Since: 2022

Mini Project: Marc is currently working on gathering photos depicting some of the better trip-end facilities for bike commuters found within downtown Minneapolis, along with details about these facilities, to hopefully inspire more buildings to offer them, and to encourage more folks to choose biking when coming into downtown.

Name: Ken Bieber

Employer & Title: Winthrop & Weinstein, P.A.; Manager of Facilities and Hospitality

Commute Ambassador Since: 2020

Mini Project: Ken is putting together packets of information from Move Minneapolis to present to new employees. This will give them better information on busing, biking, carpooling and in general any ways to us public transportation to get to and from work in the downtown area. It also gives them information if they want to have a one on one with Move Minneapolis for more information.

Name: Connor Cox

Employer & Title: Bolton & Menk; Midwest Active Transportation Planning Practice Lead

Commute Ambassador Since: 2024

Mini Project: Connor is developing a handout to be distributed to staff in his office that provides information on taking transit to the office, walking, and biking. It will include a map with recommended bike routes near the office, as well as tips for bike parking.

Name: Jordan Kocak

Employer & Title: Hennepin County; Hennepin County Pedestrian and Bicycle Coordinator

Commute Ambassador Since: 2022

Mini Project: Jordan’s mini project is to review the county new-hire information packet and strengthen the resources related to sustainable commuting including transit, biking and walking.

Name: Patrick Schwinn (He/Him, They/Them)

Employer & Title: Capella University; Principal of Admissions and Records Operations

Commute Ambassador Since: 2022

Mini Project: Patrick wants to work with Capella Tower, where Capella University is located, to provide commute consults with Move Minneapolis for all tenants. Ensure secured bike parking is accessible for all tenants of the building. Patrick wants to work with Capella University’s benefits to make public transportation, carpooling, and bike commuting accessible to all employees. Patrick wants to create new-hire materials to help people navigate these alternatives to single car occupancy when they decide to come into the office for work.

Active Transportation Programs

Check out the Active Transportation Programs for healthy and active ways to get around.

Move Minneapolis Customized Consultations

Move Minneapolis offers Customized Consultations for those who live, work, or visit downtown interested in trying sustainable trips – biking, walking, carpooling, transit, shared e-bikes/scooters. Schedule a free 15-minute virtual/phone transportation consultation session with Move Minneapolis staff Fridays between 9am and 3pm.

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Move Minneapolis is a leader in sustainable commuting. We help downtown Minneapolis employers maximize success and employee satisfaction while reducing drive-alone commutes. We guide building owners and managers in implementing world-class commuter amenities. And we advocate for commuters and residents who wish to live their green values every day.

Please join us in moving Minnesota in a new direction, one commuter at a time.

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