Carpool. Ride. Pedal. Park.

More downtown offices are reopening as vaccination rates increase. While remote working will continue post-pandemic, most anticipate returning to the office at least part-time. This is a great time for former drive-alone commuters to make a fresh start. Do you really want to jump back into the rush hour traffic jam?You have options! The ABC Ramps Mobility Hub makes your commute easy and sustainable, and saves you money. Bus, commuter rail, LRT, carpooling, bike trails, and bike/scooter/car-share – all converge at the ABC Ramps Mobility Hub at the edge of downtown. From there the skyway takes you right into the heart of downtown.

Connected To All

The ABC Ramps are so much more than places to park. As a mobility hub, they connect the dots from home to the workplace with options. For commuters who drive, carpooling provides extra perks! Carpools drive for free in the E-ZPass lanes (I-394, I-35W, I-35E) and park for just $20 per month with a contract, or $5 per day for occasional carpools. Bicyclists have a new bike room in Ramp B, bike locker rental and showers. Metro Transit operates transit bus hubs out of all three ramps. The Northstar commuter rail, Blue and Green Line LRT station at Target Field is just steps away from Ramp B. If your office is more than a couple of blocks away, complete the last leg of your trip with scooter-share or bike-share available next to the entrance of each ramp. Registered carpoolers who work on the other side of downtown can receive a Ramp and Ride card to take a bus or train for FREE within the Downtown Zone.

Mix It Up

Don’t get stuck in a rut, how you get to work can be a daily choice. Take the bus or light rail one day and then carpool or bicycle the next day. The ABC Ramps Mobility Hub offers flexibility on those days when you need to drive. A parking contract is not required to have a guaranteed parking spot, make a reservation with the Mpls Parking app.

Active Transportation Programs

Check out the Active Transportation Programs for healthy and active ways to get around.

Move Minneapolis Customized Consultations

Move Minneapolis offers Customized Consultations for those who live, work, or visit downtown interested in trying sustainable trips – biking, walking, carpooling, transit, shared e-bikes/scooters. Schedule a free 15-minute virtual/phone transportation consultation session with Move Minneapolis staff Fridays between 9am and 3pm.

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What we do

Move Minneapolis is a leader in sustainable commuting. We help downtown Minneapolis employers maximize success and employee satisfaction while reducing drive-alone commutes. We guide building owners and managers in implementing world-class commuter amenities. And we advocate for commuters and residents who wish to live their green values every day.

Please join us in moving Minnesota in a new direction, one commuter at a time.

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