Biking to work is a great way to bookend the day!

Whether my bike commute has been 7 minutes or up to an hour, these slivers of ‘me time’ are precious. The Midtown Greenway and West River Parkway are particular highlights of the Twin Cities bike commuting network.

Rob Liebhart

My favorite part about biking is the ability to always keep moving forward

I’ve been biking to work for several years. Things are going great. Not only do I save money on car payments, insurance, parking, etc, I also get exercise and get to see the city more.

David Higley

I started riding my bike to work because I couldn’t afford a car – and fell in love!

I love the way that it helps me clear my head before and after the work day, get a little exercise, maybe rock out to some music…

Sophie Nikitas

Biking saved my mental health…

I started biking in 2017 when I moved to Minnesota. It saved my mental health, and my lil car. My favorite memories are honestly becoming stronger and seeing that I could do it in a blizzard both ways.

Claire Milldrum

I continue to bike because it gives me independence…

I started biking to work because it seemed like a cool challenge and a more interesting way to be active. I loved it so much that I moved into Minneapolis so I could sell my car and bike commute year round! I now have a two year old who loves to be on the bike… Read more “I continue to bike because it gives me independence…”

Shelby LaFreniere
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