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FlexPass is an innovative monthly parking option for Ramp A that seeks to better meet the needs of a modern commuter. With FlexPass, you can save money by paying for fewer days of guaranteed parking (up to 14 days a month) and commuting to work other days by using transit, biking, or telecommuting. FlexPass is only available at Ramp A.

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FlexPass offers:

  • Pay a reduced price for fewer days of parking.
  • 14 days per month of guaranteed parking
  • $90 per month

FlexPass includes In-and-out privileges on days you park. FlexPass saves money, provides flexibility, and promotes sustainable commuting options like using transit.

Brief Video on how FlexPass works

How it works

  1. Complete the Enrollment for the FlexPass contract
  2. Pick up your FlexPass card. ABC Ramps will contact you about picking up your card at Ramp A and making your first month’s payment
  3. Use FlexPass at Ramp A

For questions about the FlexPass contracts, contact: flexpass@mplsparking.com

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Guide front coverCheck out  The Move Minneapolis Guide to Remote Work, your handbook to all things telework. We believe remote work will fundamentally and sustainably reshape how people work, get around, use office space, and develop communities.

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Move Minneapolis is a leader in sustainable commuting. We help downtown Minneapolis employers maximize success and employee satisfaction while reducing drive-alone commutes. We guide building owners and managers in implementing world-class commuter amenities. And we advocate for commuters and residents who wish to live their green values every day.

Please join us in moving Minnesota in a new direction, one commuter at a time.

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