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Programs / Relocation Assistance

We have lots of services that can help make your move less stressful.

Commuter Choice Plan

Creating a commuter choice plan before you move can help employees prepare and reduce stress associated with the unknown. A commuter choice plan recognizes that employees have different lifestyles and priorities and that their commuting choices will reflect this diversity. A typical plan will include the following benefits and incentives:

Pre-tax Options for Transit Pass, Carpool, & Parking Costs: The IRS allows employees to pay for transit passes, carpool expenses, and parking costs with pre-tax dollars. A pre-tax plan not only saves employees up to 35% on transportation costs but also reduces employer payroll tax obligations.

Metropass: This is a discount transit pass program offered by Metro Transit to employers. When combined with a pre-tax plan, Metropass can save transit users over $600 a year in transit costs.

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