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Move Minneapolis envisions a future in which transportation choices enable easy movement, enhance economic vitality, reduce carbon emissions, promote equity, reduce congestion, and contribute to a healthy and vibrant region centered on a Minneapolis downtown core where businesses, workers, visitors, and residents thrive. 


The Downtown Minneapolis TMO, formed in 1991 by Minneapolis City Council action, is a private/public partnership between the downtown community and the City of Minneapolis. Its mission is to promote and advocate for a sustainable transit and transportation system that supports a vital and growing downtown Minneapolis. For over twenty years, Move Minneapolis has promoted transit, carpooling, car-sharing, biking, walking, and telework to downtown employers, commuters, and residents. Move Minneapolis is located in the heart of downtown at the Minneapolis Regional Chamber, in the historic Young Quinlan Building on the corner of Nicollet Mall and South 9th Street, Skyway Level – 81 South 9th Street, Suite 200.