September 22nd is Car Free Day!



Carpooling & Vanpooling

Switching your trip to carpooling saves money, reduces commuting stress, and helps the environment. Join or create a carpool or vanpool for your downtown Minneapolis commute and enjoy great benefits!

Car Share - Like having your own car for a fraction of the cost!

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Find Carpool Discount Parking

Move Minneapolis currently partners with 8 parking facilities throughout downtown Minneapolis that offer discounted carpool parking. Locate a parking ramp for discounted carpool parking.

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During peak-travel times transit, motorcycles, and vehicles with two or more occupants including children or infants (HOV 2+) may drive in the designated MnPASS Express Lanes for FREE. Zoom past the gridlock!
MnPASS Express lane Map

Solo motorists who have a MnPASS account and a MnPASS tag must pay a fee to drive in the MnPASS Express Lanes during peak-travel times.

Register Your Carpool

Already have people to carpool with and know which ramp you want to park in? Register online and start saving money by carpooling to downtown Minneapolis. The ABC Ramps offer registered carpoolers a super low parking rate of $20 per month! Several surface parking lots outside of the downtown core offer FREE parking for registered carpools.


Find a Carpool Partner

Need to find people near your neighborhood to carpool with into downtown Minneapolis? Use Metro Transit’s ride match system. The process takes less than 10 minutes and maintains your privacy while looking for a good match.

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Start a Vanpool!

More riders, more savings, more fun!

Metro Vanpool is a regional program that serves commuters in the seven-county metropolitan area who have limited transit service available. Vanpools have five to 15 people sharing a ride an average of three or more days a week and receive the same discounts on parking as carpools.