A pedestrian hit at 35 mph is three times more likely to die as someone hit at 25 mph

The City of Minneapolis changed its speed limits this spring to 20 mph on local residential streets and 25 mph on larger city-owned arterial streets as part of a key strategy to support safety. Over 1000 speed limit signs across the city are being changed in 2020. Learn from Vision Zero Program Coordinator Ethan Fawley on how this fits in with the long term vision of the City of Minneapolis through the Transportation Action Plan. Come away with an understanding of how this will improve commuting options and safety for the thousands of downtown workers who traverse our roads on a daily basis. 

Speed Limit MPH Chart
Vision Zero Program Coordinator Ethan Fawley

Ethan Fawley is the City of Minneapolis Vision Zero Program Coordinator, working to eliminate traffic deaths and severe injuries on streets in the city. He also is the Design topic lead on the City’s Transportation Action Plan.

Watch the May 12, 2020 Webinar



Employees Love Nice Ride Corporate Memberships

Nice Ride logo Nice Ride Corporate program provides memberships to your employees as an engaging, fun, affordable and green way to get around Minneapolis. Organizations can offer fully or partially subsidized memberships. Research shows that employees who exercise regularly are happier and more productive, and by offering Nice Ride as a benefit you can increase employee satisfaction and improve your organization’s culture.

Remote Work: The New Normal?

Massive numbers of workers began working remotely in March, many of us adopting new work habits seemingly overnight. We’re getting better at telework and the strategy will likely stick around after the pandemic crisis wanes. Read an analysis from the Brookings Institution.

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