September 22nd is Car Free Day!



Launched in 1996, World Car-Free Day is celebrated in over 1,500 cities around the world by encouraging sustainable commuting. Minneapolis joined the celebration in 2016 when nearly 1,800 downtown commuters pledged to go “car-free” for a day, and improve their commute. With a little transportation coaching, commuters kept their cars at home and used transit, bicycled, carpooled, walked, or teleworked.

Minneapolis celebrated World Car-Free Day 2018 on Friday, September 21st. Sixteen employers competed for the title “Best Car-Free Workplace” by encouraging their workforce to go “car-free” for at least a day.

 Employer participation in World Car-Free Day






Busing, pooling, riding, walking – tell us your story!

Join the celebration for World Car-Free Day 2019. Stay tuned for details…