September 22nd is Car Free Day!



Car-Free MSP – Employer Participation

Twin Cities employers awarded “Best Workplace for Car-Free Commuters” 

Employers vie for the title “Best Workplace for Car-Free Commuters” based on the percentage of their downtown workforce that commuted car-free on Car-Free MSP, Sept. 19, 2019. Car-Free MSP provides employer resource kits, bus passes, and transportation coaching to energize workforce participation.

“We were amazed by the commitments made by the competing employers,” said Mary Morse Marti, executive director of Move Minneapolis. “Not only do they offer pre-tax transportation benefits to their employees, but they really got into the spirit of seeing just how many of their employees could get to work without driving alone. Imagine if every downtown employer helped its workforce commute sustainably: there’d be no road congestion and very little car-generated pollution. And commuters would have a lot more fun.”

How your company can get ready for Car-Free MSP Day 2019

Move Minneapolis would love to bring our transit and commuting show to your road! We can staff an information table in your employee lunchroom, in your lobby, or in a conference room. We can tailor a live presentation to your workforce. Want to know how to bicycle commute? Wonder where the buses stop? Thinking about adding Metropass as a transportation benefit? We can help—and not just for Car-Free MSP Day. Contact Robert Harris at 612-370-9170,

THANK YOU for promoting healthy, sustainable commuting options to your workforce. Ask us how we can help you connect with your staff.