September 22nd is Car Free Day!

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Commuter Orientation

Employees who are new to downtown are often very concerned about their commute.  From the added cost of parking to figuring out which bus to take, to selecting the best bicycle route to downtown. And since our transportation system is constantly changing with new services added and road construction projects causing detours and delays, it’s difficult for anyone to stay on top of these changes and provide the best commuting advice. That’s where Move Minneapolis can help you.  We offer three key resources to help companies with new employee orientation.

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  1. Transportation Experts – Move Minneapolis provides transportation education for downtown employers with presentations, webinars and on-boarding sessions on sustainable commuting.
  2. Commuting Best Practices – Invite one of our transportation experts to your next employee orientation. We can provide personalized transportation advice, maps, and brochures that cover all of the transportation options available to each individual and let them decide which option will work best for them.
  3. Videos – Play our Transit and Carpool videos at your orientation to lighten the mood and start a conversation about the transportation benefits provided by your company. Afterward, if your people have questions you can’t answer, you can send them to us and we’ll be pleased to help.

Tax Benefits

Does your company provide pre-tax transportation benefits?  It’s an easy way to reduce the cost of your employees’ commute while reducing your company’s payroll tax burden. And once you have a pre-tax program set up, our transportation experts are available to attend employer benefits fairs, wellness fairs, and sustainability fairs to help you promote your program, increase enrollment, and generate the most benefit to your company and your employees.

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Health Care Benefits

Promoting transportation benefits and programs are an excellent opportunity to improve the overall health and wellness of your employees. People who use transit, carpool, and bike to work are able to get more physical exercise, reduce stress, and improve overall productivity by being more fit and present at work. Our transportation experts can help your company enroll in discount employee transit pass programs, the ZAP Twin Cities bicycle education, encouragement and rewards program, as well as help you promote discount carpool parking, with rates as low as $20/month in downtown Minneapolis.

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Minneapolis Biker

Bicycle Education

Move Minneapolis can connect your workplace with a bicycle education seminars. Our biking partners offer a number of courses that can help employees overcome the barriers of bicycling to work, running errands, or biking for fun. Education courses include route planning, commuter gear, basic maintenance, street marking education, bike and transit integration, and how to securely lock your bike. Move Minneapolis can connect the right resources for your employees to have more active and healthy lifestyles.

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