September 22nd is Car Free Day!

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We have a host of free resources and services that can help make your move less stressful.

Transit By bike

Minneapolis consistently ranks as one of the top bicycling cities in the nation – come see what it’s all about! This presentation will help you develop your cycling skills as a regular mode of transportation – including your trip to work. Participants will learn about riding a bicycle as a vehicle, safety, riding comfort, and good tips for getting into and around downtown – especially with the major street construction taking place. Join the thousands of fellow bicycle commuters and safely enjoy the two-wheeled ride into the city. Move Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition offer basic bicycle education.

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Basic Maintenance Course

Don’t let a flat spoil your day. The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition offers classes in basic maintenance techniques to keep your ride rolling. Learn the basics from cleaning and lubricating chains and gears to fixing a flat tire. If time permits, we’ll also cover basic brake and derailleur adjustment.

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Haven’t been on a bicycle in a while? The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition offers a course where you can hone your skills and learn to be a confident and safe bicycle commuter. They cover the basic skills of starting and stopping, scanning, signaling and maintaining a straight line, dodging small objects on the road, and stopping quickly.

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Riding With Traffic

Put into practice what you learned in the Basics of Bicycling for Transportation! Take a ride through downtown Minneapolis with a certified instructor as your guide. We’ll practice roadway positioning, scanning, signaling and turning, and changing lanes. We’ll also show you how to get to and from the major trailheads that surround downtown Minneapolis using recommended bicycling routes, and how to avoid major construction projects.

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