Telework has taken the world—and our office—by storm.
As transportation consultants at Move Minneapolis, we
believe remote work will fundamentally and sustainably
reshape how people work, get around, use office space,
and develop communities.

Telework is the norm in 2020

Remote work is good. It keeps teams focused on the goal, allows flexibility in scheduling, and gives people
back the time they used to spend commuting. It reduces vehicle emissions and improves air quality. It opens new opportunities to individuals previously out of range of good jobs.

We’re pleased to present The Move Minneapolis Guide
to Remote Work, your handbook to all things telework.
Take from it liberally, and be sure to consult your own
legal, tax, and HR professionals before implementing any
complex policies you see in the guide.

To receive a download of the Telework Guide please fill out the request form.

Guide front cover
Download the 2020 Telework Guide

Download Telework Guide

Active Transportation Programs

Check out the Active Transportation Programs for healthy and active ways to get around.

Move Minneapolis Customized Consultations

Move Minneapolis offers Customized Consultations for those who live, work, or visit downtown interested in trying sustainable trips – biking, walking, carpooling, transit, shared e-bikes/scooters. Schedule a free 15-minute virtual/phone transportation consultation session with Move Minneapolis staff Fridays between 9am and 3pm.

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What we do

Move Minneapolis is a leader in sustainable commuting. We help downtown Minneapolis employers maximize success and employee satisfaction while reducing drive-alone commutes. We guide building owners and managers in implementing world-class commuter amenities. And we advocate for commuters and residents who wish to live their green values every day.

Please join us in moving Minnesota in a new direction, one commuter at a time.

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