The Best Commute is No Commute

Remote work increases employee retention, reduces costs and boosts productivity. It’s “greener” than commuting and is the safest way to manage office work during the Covid-19 pandemic. Even though remote work has been made difficult due to the public health crisis (intrusive but essential child and family care duties, for instance) it has proved very quickly to be an effective work strategy. Expect a permanent, widespread adoption of telework among employers as its benefits hit their bottom lines and as more workers master remote work techniques.

In more normal times the average American adult spent nearly an hour per day commuting. Working remotely allows employees to gain this hour back. This added free time, along with avoiding the stress of traffic, can improve work-life balance and boost employee morale.

Remote work reduces costs for employers and employees. These savings can include real estate costs, commuting expenses, parking obligations, as well as the costs associated with employee turnover when difficult commutes lead to job dissatisfaction. Even certain child care costs can be eliminated, for instance the need for before- or after-school care for school-age children.

Remote work boosts productivity. A flexible workplace allows employees to create a routine that works best for them. Talented telework managers know to manage toward outcomes rather than hours: it’s amazing how remote work daylights actual employee accomplishments.

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Move Minneapolis Telework Guide!

Interested in implementing or refining a remote work program? We can help. Download the Move Minneapolis Remote Work Guide:

Select a Meeting Platform

Virtual meeting platforms provide two-way audio, video, and text communication to workers anywhere with an internet connection. Video conferencing, file-sharing, and presentation features allow for virtual “face-to-face” meetings. Here are some platforms we’re familiar with.

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Refine Your Remote Work Program

Webinar: Remote Working in the Era of COVID-19

Early in the pandemic we produced a webinar featuring national transportation expert and seasoned remote worker Wendy Duren.

Please note: audio starts immediately, video at the 1:38 seconds mark):

Webinar: The Truth About Telework

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COVID-19 has propelled a remote work revolution in offices in Minneapolis and across the world. How’s it going at your organization? This panel discussion features Mary Morse Marti, E.D. at Move Minneapolis and Holly Robbins, an employment law attorney at Littler, who will take an honest, critical look at what’s working with and what’s not. Improve your company’s remote work management systems and ultimately your workers’ results. Webinar Get a first glimpse at Move Minneapolis’s new telework guide, hot off the press.  

​Note: This webinar is best suited for employers and employees who have embarked on remote work and are looking to take it to the next level.

LifeLabs Learning Complete Remote Work Playbook

Discover a thorough and honest guide to remote work best practices, from where to look when you’re on camera to an employee readiness assessment.

Remote work in the new normal

Check out a local resource on remote working called Twin Cities Telework by Commuter Services

Active Transportation Programs

Check out the Active Transportation Programs for healthy and active ways to get around.

Move Minneapolis Customized Consultations

Move Minneapolis offers Customized Consultations for those who live, work, or visit downtown interested in trying sustainable trips – biking, walking, carpooling, transit, shared e-bikes/scooters. Schedule a free 15-minute virtual/phone transportation consultation session with Move Minneapolis staff Fridays between 9am and 3pm.

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