September 22nd is Car Free Day!


The 35W@94 Carpool Construction Special is only for Ramp A. Are you eligible for the $20 monthly carpool parking rate?

 Requirements for the Carpool Construction Special


  • You and your carpool partner(s) must live in either the North, West or South Metro (left of red line on map) to be eligible for the construction special
  • Eligible carpoolers live in the purple zone (North of Hwy 62). Carpoolers are encouraged to use other routes besides I-35W to downtown
  • Eligible carpoolers live in the pink zone (South of HWY 62).  Carpoolers west of I35W should take Hwy 100/I-394 Route to Ramp A.  Carpoolers East of I35W are asked to take Hwy 77 (Cedar Ave)/Hwy 55 (Hiawatha Ave) into downtown to Ramp A

35W@94 Carpool Construction Special

We appreciate your commitment to help ease commuting congestion during construction on the 35W@94 project. Carpooling reduces the number of vehicles on the road during the rush hours. The special rate is valid for a limited time during construction.

As part of the registration process, you will be asked to use one of several designated routes into downtown depending upon where you and your carpool partner(s) live (see eligibility requirements above) in order to reduce road construction congestion.


A –  Ramp A – $20/$99 ***35W@94 Construction Special

B –  Ramp B – $20/$99

C –  Ramp C – $20/$99 -Eligibility for $20 rate is based on home zip code. Carpool must travel eastbound into downtown via I394 or I94

D  – Leamington Transit Center – $99 (Commute must be via 35W)

E –  11th & Marquette Ramp – $99 (Commute must be via 35W northbound only)

1 –  4th St N – under I-94 on/off ramp FREE for registered carpools (Commute must be via 35W northbound only)

2 –  Basilica of St Mary – under I-94, FREE for registered carpools

3 –  Glenwood & Lyndale Avenues – surface lot under I-94 freeway bridge

Carpool Benefits

Carpoolers use MNPASS Express lanes for free

Carpoolers have direct access to ABC Ramps off of I-394 & I-94

ABC Ramps are Skyway connected
Minneapolis Skyway Map

ABC Ramp carpoolers receive a Ramp & Ride card (Ride the bus or LRT for free within the Downtown Zone). Registered carpoolers can pick up a Ramp & Ride card at Move Minneapolis, 81 South 9th Street, suite 200  during business hours.


Metro Transit Downtown Zone Map 

Eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Home program
Metro Transit Guaranteed Ride Home page

Can’t carpool everyday? Carpool when it works, take transit, bicycle commute, stagger work hours, telework on other days.


How To Register Your Carpool

Already have people to carpool with and know which ramp or parking lot you want to park (35W@94 Carpool Construction Special is only at Ramp A)? Register online and start saving money by carpooling to downtown Minneapolis. Carpoolers can park at ABC Ramps for as low as $20 per month.


Find a Carpool Partner

Need to find people near your neighborhood to carpool with into downtown Minneapolis? Use Metro Transit’s ride match system called GreenRide. The process takes less than 10 minutes and maintains your privacy while looking for a good match.

Find a Partner