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January 2017 Newsletter

 Since 1991, Move Minneapolis Transportation Management Organization (TMO) has been advocating for a sustainable transit and transportation system that supports a growing and vital downtown Minneapolis.

Move Minneapolis – Newsletter

The TMO promotes sustainable transportation – mass transit, carpooling, car-sharing, biking and walking – through an outreach and education program that targets downtown workers, residents, and visitors.

Transportation Superstar?


Filling The “Last Mile” Gap With SouthWest Prime

In July of 2015, SouthWest Transit launched a door-to-door on-demand passenger van service for individuals that straddles the gap between traditional bus mass transit and Uber. SouthWest.Prime uses a fleet of 12 passenger vans that services an area of the southwest Metro that includes; Eden Prairie, Chaska, Chanhassen, and Carver. All trips must be with that area.

The convenience of taxi-like service combined with the economy of a mini-bus has been popular.  SouthWest Prime has been building a steady customer base with ridership averaging more than 4,200 rides per month.  Prime’s experiment could be translated into other areas of the Twin Cities soon. Metro Transit is looking to pilot a “first- and last-mile pilot project” in the coming year.

Prime customers use a smartphone app or call to request a ride. The nearest bus is dispatched for pick up. The buses will pick up other riders along the way if there are other calls. One might ride solo, or gather other passengers, depending upon reservation volume. A transfer allows for travel between the Eden Prairie Zone and the Chan/Chaska/Carver Zone. Transferring between zones is done at SW Chanhassen Village station on Hwy. 212 and Hwy. 101.

SouthWest Transit’s Prime operates from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. on weekdays, but is looking to expand to nights and weekends. The cost is $3 per person, per ride, $2 for children age 6 – 12,  Free for 5 and under. Call  (952)-797-7463 , or




Thank You ABC Ramp Carpoolers!

Carpoolers entering the ABC Ramps on Wednesday, February 22nd between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. receive a nice surprise! Attendants will be distributing  packages with candy treats to vehicles with two or more people to celebrate Carpool Appreciation Day.  The package also includes a FREE day pass and can go online to receive a Go-To Card transit pass pre-loaded with $20!

Because sometimes carpooling does not go as planned – a child gets sick, an unplanned work meeting…commuting schedules are impacted.  A Go-To Card helps fill the transportation gap for carpool partners. This is a worry-free way to take an unplanned bus or train trip.

The Carpool Appreciation Day package is a little “Thank You” for carpooling! Carpooling saves time, money and the environment. Carpoolers can use the Express lanes and zoom right past the gridlock. Park at the ABC Ramps for a little as $20 per month. See Move Minneapolis for more information on how to find or register a carpool.



8th Street Reconstruction Project

The City of Minneapolis is currently taking public input on design elements for the rebuild of 8th Street in downtown from Hennepin Ave to Chicago Ave.  Design and engineering for the 8th Street Reconstruction Project is underway and construction is anticipated to begin in the fall of 2018.

The 8th Street Reconstruction Project is being done to:

  • ​Replace pavement and sidewalks that are in very poor condition.
  • Improve pedestrian safety and pedestrian amenities, including lighting, landscaping, enhanced crosswalks, and other improvements.
  • Improve transit operations and facilities by implementing Arterial Bus Rapid Transit (ABRT), in cooperation with Metro Transit. Refer to Metro Transit’s Arterial BRT website for more information.

8th Street will be reconstructed from building front to building front between Chicago Avenue and Hennepin Avenue. This will include the removal and replacement of pavement, curb, sidewalk, driveway entrances, traffic signals, street lighting, storm-water drainage systems, and other utilities. There will be widened sidewalks, enhanced transit service/amenities, improved crosswalks, and streetscape/landscaping improvements.

8th Street will remain as it is today – an eastbound one-way roadway with three travel lanes.  Two primary goals of the project are to improve the safety for pedestrians and to implement enhanced transit service and transit stop amenities. Sidewalks will be widened and curb extensions (bumpouts) added at intersections for transit stops. Some parking will be lost with the BRT station expansion. The project does not include bike lanes along 8th Street except for bicycle parking. 8th Street is not identified as a future bicycle route in the city’s Bicycle Master Plan.

8th Street will be more walk-able and see major improvements as a transit hub for commuters on two future BRT lines.

For more information on the 8th Street Reconstruction Project and contact


                                                                                                              source: Commute Options

Hennepin County hosted a Winter Biking 101 seminar on January 11 in downtown Minneapolis. Hennepin County Bicycle & Pedestrian Planner, Jordan Kocak and Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota, Bike Safety Instructor, Mae Hanzlik, demonstrated how to prepare for winter riding using basic gear; what to wear, what kind of bikes to consider, traffic rules and other tips for a fun safe riding. The class was geared for seasonal cyclists interested in exploring winter weather riding.

Kocak emphasized that winter riding need not be expensive. Winter cyclists can ride safely outfitted in day-to-day winter apparel and a standard mountain bike. A few inexpensive items will make your ride safe. Kocak demonstrated his $20 mountain bike that was purchased on Craig’s List. It had slightly under-inflated (90 psi) knobby tires and extended fenders. The squashy tires don’t roll fast, but provide better traction. Upgrading to metal studded tires (starting at about $50 per tire) is recommend for riding in real icy weather. Non-clipping, standard pedals allows for quick foot bracing on icy paths. Headlights and a tail light are a must – especially since nightfall comes so early. Maintenance of a winter bike is vital due to corrosion from road salt, ice and slush. Frequent cleaning and lubrication of moving parts will extend the life of your winter bike.

Dressing in layers is key. Heat is generated while pedaling so heavy coats are not the best option. A base layer made of a wicking fiber (polyester, nylon/spandex) works well – pulls away perspiration and breathes while providing warmth. Add a second layer of flannel or a lightweight sweater. A short of mid-length, thin winter coat allows for movement while still be warm. On those real sloppy days, add a thin, waterproof wind jacket.

When choosing head wear, be sure to take the helmet into account. A thin wool cap that can be worn under your helmet is usually sufficient. In sub-zero temps, add a balaclava for neck and face protection. Ski goggles protect the eyes and face without fogging up.

Waterproof mittens are warmer than gloves. Test out the dexterity of mittens before taking off on a ride. Being able to easily hit the brakes and gear shifters is a must. Footwear need not to be complicated. Flexible, lightweight winter boots or waterproof hiking boots usually are sufficient. Your feet will be pedaling and that helps keep toes warm. Hanzlik, however, swears by rechargeable, battery powered, in-sole pads in her boots as an added heat source. The warmers keep toes toasty in the bitterest cold and can be turned “off” when not needed.

Extend the biking season and pedal year-round without making large investment in biking gear. An estimated 7,000 Minnesota cyclists ride regularly in the winter and those numbers keep growing. Please contact Kocak or Hanzlik for upcoming seminars and other biking information.



New Year Brings New Changes To ZAP Twin Cities

 January is a time for new beginnings, and it seems like a fitting time to announce an exiting new change to ZAP, the Twin Cities bicycle commuting program. This month, the Minneapolis and St. Paul branches of the ZAP program are coming together under one roof!

The newly merged organizations of St. Paul Smart Trips & Transit for Livable Communities will manage the unified ZAP Twin Cities system going forward. Previous administrators Move Minneapolis and St. Paul Smart Trips see this change as the perfect way to create a stronger and more user-friendly ZAP program that will help get more people biking more often.

What can you expect as a user? The monthly ZAP newsletter will now include great information about cycling in both Minneapolis and St. Paul. Prizes will still be offered for ZAPPING more than 8 times in a month. Maintenance for all Minneapolis and St. Paul ZAP readers will continue. Watch for additional improvements and opportunities to connect with ZAP Twin Cities and with other ZAP users on both sides of the river this year. Note that the University of Minnesota will continue to manage their own ZAP program.

Both Minneapolis and St. Paul users should now contact if you experience difficulties ZAPPING or if you would like additional information about ZAP Twin Cities. Ride on!

Winter Bike Cyclocross Takes Over Loring Park This Sun.

The Lakes & Legends Winter Warmer Classic presented by Framed Bikes takes over Loring Park on Sunday, January 29th for a cyclocross style race around the snow covered park! There will be three different race classes for riders of all abilities:

Green (beginner) // 30 minute race // 11am

Blue (intermediate) // 45 minute race // 12pm

Black (expert) // 60 minute race // 1:30pm

Awards Ceremony is at 3:00pm in the Lakes & Legends taproom just down the street!

There’s a $40 race fee which includes entry into the race class of your choice, race bib, event t-shirt, and a Lakes & Legends beverage of choice after the race. The races are open to all ages, however participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult who will also need to sign the event waiver.

Don’t forget the ice skating on the Loring Park skating rink for friends and family to enjoy between races!

The races are open to all ages, however participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult who will also need to sign the event waiver.

Bike or bus to Loring Park. Otherwise, parking is available at the Hyatt Regency parking ramp (entrance located at Nicollet Ave & E Grant St) or their first 90 minutes of parking FREE in the parking ramp above Lakes & Legends (entrance located on 14th).

Move Minneapolis is made possible by a federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) grant in partnership with the United States Department of Transportation, the Metropolitan Council, the City of Minneapolis and the Downtown community.