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ZAP Twin Cities – February 2016 Newsletter

February 2016 ZAP Minneapolis Newsletter



Win Tickets To “The Triplets of Belleville”


ZAP Twin Cities offers a special giveaway for a movie screening of THE TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE, accompanied by live band featuring composer-conductor Benoît Charest. This special performance takes place Wednesday, February 17, 7:30 pm at the Northrup Auditorium on the campus of the University of Minnesota. Three pairs of tickets are available for ZAP Twin Cities members. To qualify for tickets, you need to have ZAPPED 3 times between Monday, February 1st and Monday, February 15th AND email that you’re interested in going to the performance. Email;

ALSO – Get half-price tickets and use promo code “bikes”. Northrup has plenty of bicycle parking available.


2016 ZAP Twin Cities Map This Spring

           ZAP MAP cover

A new ZAP Twin Cities Bike Map will be realease in early April. The 2016 edition showcases the network of 50+ ZAP readers, ZAP tagging locations and the bike trails network of Minneapolis. Inset maps feature ZAP stations at the U of M St Paul campus and downtown Saint Paul.  An regional overview map provides the full context of ZAP Twin Cities area and how it fits into the regional trails network.

Watch for the 2016 ZAP maps to be released in April at over 35 Twin Cities locations. The ZAP maps are FREE to the public through the generous support of our map sponsors. Watch for a sponsor update in the March ZAP newsletter. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Contact:


 Meet Joe. 620 ZAPS and counting.


ZAP Twin Cities sees “big picture” numbers every day; the number of people enrolled, total number of ZAPS system-wide, total ZAPS by day…etc. It’s especially fun, however, to get to know some of the people attached to ZAP tags. I love meeting ZAP prize winners or placing ZAP tags on bike wheels at Move Minneapolis. It’s also a thrill to meet dedicated ZAPPERS who ride year-round and have accumulated impressive totals. One such rider is Joe Bielawa who has ZAPPED over 620 rides since August of 2012.

Joe, who works for Faegre Baker Daniels in downtown Minneapolis, posted this photo (above) from a recent winter commute. He agreed to share his story as a year-round ZAPPER.

What do you do at Faegre Baker Daniels?

I work in the Hospitality Department catering client meetings and internal events with food and beverages.

 How far is your daily commute by bicycle?

Just under a couple of miles one-way. However I usually take the long way home, which turns the route into a 10 or 12 mile loop.

You’ve ZAPPED your ride more than 600 times. What motivates you to be such a consistent bicycle commuter?

I just like to ride. The ZAP program just adds more to the fun! It’s cool to be out biking and hear the “BEEP” as you pass a ZAP reader station!! Especially, if you don’t know when a reader station is there. Minneapolis and the surrounding areas has so many bike lanes, trails & paths…it’s just easy to get around by bicycle.

What do you enjoy best about bicycle commuting?

There are a many “bests” of bicycle commuting, but here are a few: Affordable (free) and always available parking, not being stuck in traffic, being outside, fresh air, exercise from pedaling, burning off the “corporate calories” (hmmm…donuts); but most important is the mind set that bicycling brings. It clears the head, burns off stress, gets me ready for work at the beginning of day and then unwinds me on the way home.

You bike year-round.  What do you ride in the winter?

The first few years, I just rode my Trek mountain bike with a thicker tread tire as opposed to the smoother tread of my summer tires. Two years ago, I bought a fat tire bike and have been riding that a lot.

How do you prepare for all weather riding?

I prepare for all weather riding by always riding and just adjust what clothes I need (or don’t) based on the weather J

Any helpful hints for the novice winter bicycle commuter?

Always wear a helmet and a reflective vest. Get a couple of blinky taillights and a head light. Make you and your bike visible. Layer your clothes. But just get out and ride! The rest you’ll figure out.

Any interesting  ZAPPING stories?

There was one time last summer, I was out riding and I saw a couple stopped on their bikes by a ZAP station and as I pass the reader it “BEEPS” and the guy said, “There it is again!!  WHAT is this thing??” I stop and give them low down on the ZAP program and encourage them to join.  They seemed excited by the concept of being part of a program that helps track bike commuting in Minneapolis.

I got a couple of my neighbors to join the ZAP program…we compete for who gets the most ZAPS.  

 ZAP Prize Winners for December & January

Drum roll please!          t-shirt
The recent ZAP Prize winners of $20 gift cards for One On One Bicycle Studio:

  • R. Garwood, A Healy, T. Rushmeyer, D. Duea, E. Puhl, D. Hansen, F. Kreider, S. Dahlen, R. Lee,       A. Rstand, K. Hoyt, A. Reckinger

The ZAP Prize winners of the World Winter Cycling Congress 2016 t-shirts:

  • R. Rider, S. Dahlen, J. Hamilton

The ZAP Prize winners of the World Winter Cycling Congress 2016 tote bags:

  • M. Marty,  R. Lee

The ZAP Prize winner of the Craft Storm Bike Gloves:

  • M. Thieroff

The ZAP Prize winner of the 45North Greazy Cap:

  • R. Lee

The ZAP Prize winner of the Stanley Vacuum Mug

  • C. Franken


To be entered in the monthly drawing for prizes, all you have to do is get ZAPPED at least 8 times during a given month. Winners are picked randomly from the pool of ZAPPERS with 8 or more ZAPS. If you have not yet redeemed your prizes, please pick them up at MOVE MINNEAPOLIS, at the Minneapolis Visitor Information on Nicollet at 505 Nicollet Mall. Open M-Sat, 10am – 7pm,  Sun. 12pm – 5pm.           

New Member?            Leg Strap

As a warm welcome, the latest newbies received a prize after their first 10 ZAPs – a ZAP Leg Strap and Gizmo Headlamp. Watch for a prize notice to be emailed once a month to the next batch of new ZAPPERS.

Want More Chances to Win Prizes? Follow and “Like” ZAP on Facebook and Twitter for impromptu give-aways!

Have A Rock Star ZAP Commuter That Needs Kudos?

Commuter Choice

Metro Transit is putting the spotlight on organizations, employers and individuals for their great work in promoting alternatives to driving alone.

To help find those rock stars, we’re seeking nominations for the 2016 Commuter Choice Awards, a metro-wide program that salutes creative commuting programs and advocates.

The nomination form is available at Deadline for submitting nominations is Monday, Feb. 29.

The Commuter Choice Awards program recognizes organizations and employers that promote taking the bus or train, walking, bicycling, vanpooling, carpooling or teleworking – including individuals and organizations who are active in ZAP Twin Cities. Awards for individuals recognize those who demonstrate a commitment to transportation options in their workplace, school or community.

Winners will be announced at an event set for Thursday, April 28, at Centennial Lakes Park, Hughes Pavilion (7499 France Ave. S., Edina).

Questions? Please contact Bill Andre at Move Minneapolis, or call 612-859-0656. Thanks!


Need your winter bike tagged? Get ZAP tagged at Move Minneapolis at the Minneapolis Visitor Information at 505 Nicollet Mall. Open M – Sat, 10am – 7pm,  Sun, Noon – 5pm. # 612-466-7170.  Tags are also available at;

ZAP Minneapolis Newsletter February 2016