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October 2013 ZAP Twin Cities Newsletter

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Brisk October air makes for a comfortable bike commute and numbers of those opting for commuting by bicycle are still going strong in the Twin Cities!  In response to our user survey from last month, we’ve made a few changes and we’ll work on more over the coming months to make ZAP Twin Cities simple, rewarding, and encouraging to new and existing riders.



September User Survey

ZAP Twin Cities turned one year old in September and to mark the completion of the pilot year we asked ZAP riders for feedback on how to make ZAP Twin Cities better. We got some great comments on what works well and what could use some adjustments that we will use as a guide to help improve and grow the ZAP program.

Thank you to all 520 folks that took time to fill out the survey. To review the full results including comments by category, view the ZAP survey pdf.  Please follow us on Facebook as we discuss the results and next steps.


 zap survey pie chart 2

To view questions 4 and 5, please view the pdf.

Rider Stats for ZAP Twin Cities

Many comments came in via the user survey on producing more accurate and meaningful statistics on bicycle use.  While the ZAP team works on improved programing (and finds funding or volunteers to help with programming), we’ll share some stats that I hope most will find helpful along with our traditional stat report.



Minneapolis Active Riders and Registrations


Active riders = 4 ZAPs or more for the month.


Prize Winners for September Rides Drawing

Feedback from the user survey told us you would rather have more, smaller prizes so folks had a better chance at winning. It was also noted that diversifying the prize pool would be better so all the prizes weren’t bike related.

There were also a few comments that people felt their chances of winning prizes were slim because they didn’t bike everyday. Let’s just stop the myth right there! Everyone has an equal chance of winning prizes as long as they were zapped 8 times in the month. We don’t put your name in the hat the more you bike after those 8 times. We really want to encourage new riders to join and feel rewards are attainable.

Ok, now to the prize drawings. We have 7 prizes to give away rather than the single prize noted in last month’s newsletter.

Drum role please….

$20 Gift Card for Atlas Grill located at 6th Street and 3rd Avenue in downtown Minneapolis – M. Giordana

$25 Gift Certificate for Seward Co-op located at Franklin and Riverside – A. Martinez

$25 Gift Card for Espresso Royale with locations on Hennepin, Dinkeytown, and St. Paul – T. Salyards

$15 Gift Certificate for One on One Bicycle Studio on Washington Avenue in downtown Minneapolis – M. Leach

Wireless Sensor Brake Light ($50 value) from Commuter Connection on 6th Street and 3rd Avenue – J. Gusafson

Insulated Camelbak water bottle ($10 value) from Commuter Connection on 6th Street and 3rd Avenue – T. Slickler

And… One more $25 Gift Card for Espresso Royale with locations on Hennepin, Dinkeytown, and St. Paul – R. Tidd


October Prize Pool

We just dished out a lot of prizes so the prize pool is looking a little shallow right now. If anyone knows of a business that would like to donate gift cards or product in exchange for some free advertising, please message me. Ideas from the survey were to do prizes from non bike related businesses to balance out the prizes that are bike focused.


Thank you everyone for participating in the pilot year of ZAP Twin Cities and remember to use ZAP as a tool to welcome new people into the bicycle community. Now keep on biking, a little brisk weather is good for you!

Jessica Hill
ZAP Twin Cities