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July 2013 ZAP Twin Cities Newsletter


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ZAP July 2013



Where did my ZAP Reader Go?

Over the past month you may have noticed some changes in where the ZAP readers are located. Two of our downtown Minneapolis readers needed to be moved including the reader located on 11th and 15th and the reader at Cedar Lake Trail.

The reader formerly known as 11th and 15th


New Location: Intersection of 7th Street & Park attached to HCMC

The ZAP reader is located on the east side of Park at the intersection of 7th Street. The reader antenna is pointed to the bike lane on Park. To be scanned, bike in the bike lane along the east side of Park. The ZAP reader is mounted to the brick building on southeast corner of the intersection.

Why It Moved: Not enough sun was getting to the solar panel so we couldn’t keep it powered. Thankfully, Hennepin County Medical Center agreed to pay to wire the reader to their power source.


The reader formerly known as Cedar Lake Trail Head

New Location: North to the actual trail of Cedar Lake Trail

Not far from the original but much more on the main drag of the trail. The reader is located next to the stop sign in the dip along side the trail.

Why it Moved: The angle was hard to get right for where to point the antenna at such an oddly shaped corner. The new location will have better scanning but we may lose some power on the dark days of winter with the solar panel being so low. Hopefully by winter, we can find some funding to hard wire the reader.


June Stats for ZAP Twin Cities

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Prize Winners for June Rides Drawing

Drum role please!

The winner for $60 Gift Card to Sea Change – R.A. Paff

The winner for the $49 Basic Bicycle Tuneup at Sunrise Cyclry – C. Spading

To be entered in our monthly drawing for prizes, all you have to do is ride, get counted by an area ZAP reader at least 8 times that month, and of course, read our short and sweet email each month to see if you’ve won!


New Member?

As a warm welcome, newbies get a prize after their first 10 ZAPs. Every month we’ll send out an email to those who have reached their first 10 ZAPs.


Want More Chances to Win Prizes?

Follow and “Like” ZAP on Facebook and Twitter for impromptu give aways!


July Prize Pool

Thanks to awesome businesses that value ZAP and donate prizes, we are able to have a monthly prize drawing rewarding ZAP riders.

July’s ZAP prize is:

$60 towards a helmet of your choice at

Commuter Connection

Now carrying Yakkay helmets, one helmet, multiple covers to choose from.

yakkay image

Commuter Connection is a non-profit in downtown Minneapolis that works with commuters and employers to lower commutes by single occupancy vehicles (SOV) to reduce traffic congestion and increase air quality. Don’t be such an SOV!

There are many programs and facilities that make carpooling, biking, using transit, and walking an option for your daily commute. Let Commuter Connection help you find options that work for your time that will boost your budget and even your fitness level.

Commuter Connection
220 South 6th Street, Skyway Level of US Bank Plaza
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Do you or someone you know own a business? Our prize reserves are running low and we need some more prize sponsors. Please contact us to sponsor monthly prizes.


Getting a ZAP vs. Getting Scanned

Q: Yesterday I rode by 3 ZAP readers and I heard the beep at each one, yet only one ZAP show’s on my account.  Is something wrong with my tag?

A: Your tag is working just fine, a person can only get one ZAP per day but can be scanned multiple times. A ZAP on your account shows that you commuted by bicycle for that day, so even though you’re biking by a few readers on the way to and from your destination, we only calculate your mileage once based on what you entered as your starting point and ending point on your profile.

Q: Is there a way to see all my scans on my account?

A: For most users, yes. Under your reports tab, look at the drop down box next to the “Go” button. Take a look at those reports and most of you can see scans by date or by ZAP reader location.  A few folks that are under company ZAP programs may have different or limited reports on their dashboard.

ZAP twin cities screen shot

Remember: Dashboards vary depending on if you are enrolled in ZAP through an employer. Report names and availability may be different.