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Bike commuting counts with ZAP Twin Cities

Downtown Minneapolis commuters can now benefit from an innovative new program—ZAP Twin Cities—designed to encourage and reward individuals for commuting by bicycle to downtown Minneapolis. Get Tagged. Get Zapped. Get Rewarded.  It’s that simple!

ZAP Twin Cities is a free, completely automated, biking incentive program that uses radio frequency identification tags and readers to log participants’ biking trips into downtown Minneapolis, downtown St. Paul and the University of Minnesota campus.  Bike commuters are rewarded for reaching trip milestones, earning prizes like bike accessories and gift cards to local businesses.

Bicyclists can join the program by getting a ZAP tag attached to their bicycle.  Bicycle trips are automatically logged when a cyclist rides past of one of several ZAP readers placed along key bike routes into downtown St. Paul, downtown Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota campus. Cyclists hear an audible beep when they pass a station, and ride data is automatically uploaded to the ZAP Twin Cities website. Visit for information about how to get tagged and where to ZAP your ride.

Upcoming Tagging Events in downtown Minneapolis:

In addition to earning rewards, participants can log on to the ZAP website and view their trip data, miles biked, calories burned, CO2 reduced and gallons of gas saved. These bike commuters save on car-related costs like gas and parking, improve their health and get rewarded in the process.

ZAP Twin Cities’ goal is simple: More bike trips more often. The new program is a cooperative project of Commuter Connection, St. Paul Smart Trips, the University of Minnesota and Dero Bike Rack Company.

ZAP Twin Cities promotes, encourages and rewards bike commuting to change how people in the Twin Cities choose to get around, helping reduce congestion and improve air quality in the region.

The program was launched at the University of Minnesota in January and already has more than 1,000 participating faculty, staff and students. In addition to earning prizes for reaching trip milestones, U of M employees receive health and wellness credit, a trend that ZAP Twin Cities would like to see implemented at other businesses through the Twin Cities Region.

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Commuter Connection is a program of the Downtown Minneapolis TMO (Transportation Management Organization) that advocates for and promotes a sustainable transit and transportation system that supports a vital and growing downtown Minneapolis.

St. Paul Smart Trips is a is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that improves access and mobility for those who travel in and around St. Paul.  Smart Trips helps those who live and work in St. Paul reduce their car trips, and bike, walk, bus and carpool more often.